About Wang Bin - Curator
Beijing based photographer and translator, Wang Bin has been honing his photography and translating skills for the past 10 years. His photography works have exhibited in China and abroad many times. He has written and translated 10 photography books including Follow me Photography, Quality of Photography, 50 Creative Photography Skills, and studio Photography and Lighting etc. He got his Ph.D. degree of photography at Beijing Film Academy. He also was a visiting scholar at Columbia College Chicago and Westminster University London. He is teaching photography at Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication now. He focuses on alternative photography since 2008. He is writing a book about history and current application of alternative photography and translating a new photography theory book named New vision, which written by Charles H. Traub now.
About Xu Jinghan - Curator
Xu Jinghan is an associate professor of Photography Department at Communication University of China in Beijing. He was also a visiting scholar at University of Southern California and Columbia College Chicago. His research focuses on documentary photography, technology related movies and image aesthetics. As well as a writer of books and essays, he is also a photographer, documentary film maker and curator.
He works as a curator of Pingyao International Photography Festival College Exhibition since 2004. As an instructor, he directed cooperation documentary project between Communication University of China and the University of Southern California with Han Ying in Los Angeles and Beijing in 2008 and 2009. He curated the joint exhibition Coming Together with Photography in Pingyao and Beijing with Peter Fitzpatrick from Columbia College Chicago in 2019. Furthermore, as a photography teacher, he worked together with Peter Fitzpatrick and Jerome De Perlinghi in a youth photography community project Camera for Kids, which delivered in Wilson, North Carolina and Pingyao during April and September 2019.

About Cheng Wenjun
Born in 1966, Cheng Wenjun is a member of the Photojournalist Society of China. He graduated from Tianjin Vocational College of Art and Crafts majoring in photography. He has abundant art experiences including photojournalism, environmental art design and urban sculpture. He lives in Shanghai now.
Since 1997, he focused on early domestic large outdoor statues of Chairman Mao. Up to now, he has visited 125 cities, towns and villages along the way of his photography project in China. He has captured hundreds and thousands of pictures of about 180 Chairman Mao statues, which were built around 1952 to 1971 in all provinces and special municipalities in China. Meanwhile, he captured images of about 40 statues of Mao Zedong after China reform opening.
His works also were collected by publications like 21st Century of the Chinese University of Hong Kong and Normal and Abnormal Social Life in Shanghai Cultural Revolution Period. He also published photographic books The Illustrations to Mao Zedong’s Statues in 2013.

About Li Linlin
Li Linlin was born in 1998China. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Photography. She was accepted to Shanghai Normal University to pursue a master’s degree in communication recently. Li’s enlarged work achieves a strong visual effect. It has been exhibited in Pingyao International Photography Festival and Dali International Photography Exhibition.
Awards &Nominations
Young Photographer, Pingyao International Photography Festival (2019);
Bronze medal, Shanghai International Lang Jingshan Youth Art Award Photography Competition (2018).
University United Exhibition of the 8th Jinan International Photography Biennale, China (2020);
Incheon Asia Maritime Media Festival, Korea (2019);
Pingyao International Photography Festival, China (2019);
Dali International Photography Exhibition, China (2019);
Pingyao International Photography Festival, China (2018);
Lishui Photography Festival, China (2017);
Pingyao International Photography Festival, China (2017).
About Li Qianjin
Li Qianjin is a reporter in Taihang Daily Shanxi Province. He was born in 1960 in Jincheng, Shanxi Province, China. He is also a member of China Photographers Association and member of China Press Photographic Society. His photographic works are selected as teaching materials by several Chinese universities. His works also have been published in several Chinese and foreign medias, like China Photo Magazine, Photo China Magazine, China Photo Press, Chinese National Geography, China Travel Magazine, Chinese Heritage Magazine and Southern People Weekly, etc.
His major photographic achievements in recent years are as follows:
The Faith exhibited in the first Yangtze River International Photo Biennale (2015);
Chinese Contemporary Squire and Landscape on Human Body exhibited at 12th Pingyao International Photography Festival (2012);
Photo album Chinese Saunas was published, and supervised by 798 Art District, Beijing (2012);
The Faith exhibited at 11th Pingyao International Photography Festival (2011);
The Houses exhibited at 10th China Pingyao International Photography Festival. Li was honored one of the best photographers (2010);
Saunas exhibited at Guangzhou Photo Biennial. Wall Built-up Roads exhibited at Lianzhou Photo Biennial. 28 Constellations and 28 Jobs and 16 Arhat and 16 Enterprisers exhibited at 9th China Pingyao International Photography Festival (2009);
Solo exhibition Saunas at 8th China Pingyao International Photography Festival (2008);
Solo exhibition Wall Built-up Roads at 7th China Pingyao International Photography Festival (2007);
My Taihang published by China Photography Publishing House (2000).
About Qu Yan
Qu Yan was born in 1955China . He is director of Institute of Urban & Rural Artistic Building of Guangdong University of Technology. He went to Europe to learn and work from 1992 to 1997. He is also Professor & Postgraduate Tutor in Guangdong University of Technology.
Being one of the first Chinese avant-garde artists, who started to throw himself into “Chinese Modern Art New Thought Movement” in the 1980s, Qu Yan promotes the independence and autonomous spirit of art. He also represents one of the important artists that gave birth to avant-garde art in “Chinese 85 New Thought”. He had made various art works like paintings, fine art photography, installation art and social engagement, etc.
His contemporary art works have been exhibited in many places around the world, like Beijing, Shanghai, Taiwan, Indonesia, France, the Czech Republic, Germany, Australia as well as other countries and regions. His recent exhibitions include China Whispers at Kunst Museum in Bern, Switzerland and Place Remarking China Pavilion, Dakar Art in Biennale.
About Wei Dong
Wei Dong, who was born in 1969, is an Associate Professor and supervisor of postgraduate at Photography Department, School of New Media, Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication. He focuses on digital image creation and post production. His work has been exhibited and published in China many times. His recent photo book View of Ciaos published in 2018.
About Wu Dengcai
Wu Dengcai is a photographer who lives in Wenzhou China. He is also a member of Chinese Photographers Association. He has completed two architecture projects Ancestral Halls and City Sculptures. His works primarily focus on public spaces and architecture in urban and rural areas of contemporary China.
His works have been exhibited widely at various photography festivals in China, such as the Lianzhou International Photography Festival, the Beijing International Photography Week, Pingyao International Photography Festival and Lishui International Photography Festival, as well as internationally in countries such as the United States, UK, Italy and Russia. He won “Excellent Photographer Award” at Lishui International Photography Festival in 2019. A number of his works were collected by Museum of Renmin University of China and Academy of Arts and Sciences of Russian.
About Zou Jingyao
Zou Jingyao was born in 1993, China. He holds a bachelor’s degree in photography and a master degree focusing on film study at Communication University of China. Zou’s photos and multimedia videos work are mainly based on a non-fictional approach. His work has been exhibited in multiple art institutions, including Lishui Photography Festival and the National Photographic Art Exhibition. His work also has been featured in China Daily, China Photo Press. He was accepted to Sejong University to pursue a PhD recently.
Awards &Nominations
Winner, 7th Annual Ranking China Photography Exhibition (2020)
Nominee, 2nd Exposure Award in PHOTOFARIS Shanghai (2020)
Winner, Lishui/FORMAT Award (2019)
Winner, 27th National Photographic Art Exhibition (2019)
2nd Prize, Category of Documentary, Sino-Serbia Youth Photography Award (2019)
Nominee, 7th Hou Dengke Documentary Photography Award (2019)
Finalists, Sony Young Photographer Development Plan (2019)
Nominee, 1839 Photography Award (2019).\
Exhibited Artist, 2020 Damyang International Photo Festival, South Korea (2020)
Solo Exhibition, 2019 Lishui Photography Festival, China (2019)
Exhibited Artist, 27th National Photographic Art Exhibition, China (2019)
Solo Exhibition, Artist, L.A.P. Gallery, China (2019)
Exhibited Artist, University of Belgrade, Serbia (2019)
Solo Exhibition, Pingyao International Photography Festival, China (2018)
Exhibited Artist, Graduate Show, Museum of Communication University of China, China (2016)
Exhibited Artist, Pingyao International Photography Festival, China (2015)
Exhibited Artist, Pingyao International Photography Festival, China (2013)

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