Dee Dee Oliver is a mixed media artist that enjoys using a wide variety of materials in her works.  Working from her home studio, she finds abstract to be the most freeing. Using layering, gestural marks and directional lines, she strives to create “motion” in her work. 
Oliver studied collage at Barton under Paula Patterson and considers her a major influence in her journey as an artist. Each piece of work that includes collage is a nod and tribute to her late instructor.
Oliver is the Visual Arts Coordinator for Wilson Arts. She lives in Wilson with her husband Brian & children Jamie and Maggie.

 “I enjoy creating the appearance of movement in my work. Life is in constant motion. Even during Covid when the world seemingly stopped for a short time, we were forced to form new connections-new ways of communing as well as refocusing on our connections to each other. It represents life, and life always finds a way. Or maybe it’s just the ‘Vollis’ in me! I feel very fortunate to be part of this creative community in Wilson!” 

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