Come social distance with photographer and creative director of Eyes on Main Street Jérôme De Perlinghi  to celebrate the publication of his new book Shanghai, Never Night City.
You will be able to view a selection of the images from the book on display in the gallery.
"In March 1985, I boarded a plane to Hong Kong and travelled for six weeks around China, falling in love straight away with Shanghai. The meals cooked by my Grandaunt are to this day the best Chinese meals I have ever eaten. In December 2019, I completed my 9th photo trip to Shanghai, walking through the city for over 15 months in total. Yes, by walking over and over the same neighborhoods and photographing the same street corners and Lilongs, I was able to build an extensive portfolio covering all the changes happening in these dynamic neighborhoods. From a still sleepy town in the eighties to one of the most vibrant world metropolises today, I covered many of those changes over a period of 35 years."​​​​​​​
Both books and prints will be available for purchase.
Book signings: Saturday December 5 and December 12 from Noon to 4PM in the Eyes on Main Street Gallery. 

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