Wilson in Squares
I have always loved square images shooting a lot of photographs with my Yashica Mat 124G. When Fujifilm came out with the X100 series, they included in their “S” model the one on one format. It became the drive to start this new project in the summer of 2015. I was looking for a new portfolio where I could record all the sights around me as a visual statement. It was clear that it would be a black and white essay. Why is so much fading away, could be the main question of the reportage spread over 6 years? The Wilson in Squares project complements my Wilson Project where I photographed for 30 months the people of the city. One portfolio is about people, the other one about the set where they live. Combined they represent two chapters but one artistic vision.
All the photographs here are shot within 3 miles (5 kilometers) of the Historic District, going in circles from months to months, years after years. As I live in the middle of the circle, never has it been easier for me to walk around: waiting one day for heavy rain or the rare snowstorm that would give the portfolio an extra edge. The same way, it was easy to play with the light or the darkness: waiting for the exact right second depending on the subject matter of the day. Last but not least, my fiery German Shepherd, Nealah, worked diligently as my assistant walking together close to 10 miles on shooting days, never tiring of getting the next shot.
As with both my Shanghai and Chicago books that were published in 2020 and 2021, besides the camera in my hand, curiosity to look around every street or behind every wall corner became my main working tool. I am an explorer; every inch outside my house has become my land of adventures and travels.

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