Eyes on Main Street Gallery at 126 -128 Goldsboro Street Wilson, North Carolina 27893.  
Gallery Hours: Wed, Thur, Sat - Noon to 4pm & Fri - Noon to 6pm​​​​​​
Andrea Morton Loving the Artist as I am, it was love at first sight. Learning to Paint without a brush is insane!!!  Fluid Art, Resin Art, Letting it flow. It's Experimenting  that brings joy and  Excitement, Energy, and Good vibes!! & Mistakes.  
Process of layering and layers and going above and beyond there is always something more than meets the eye with movement and emotions.  In every art piece I tried to create movement because when it flows, it flows, life goes on!! Cycle of life is always moving. 
I love to create and its addictive, especially when you're sick with cancer like I was in 2019. Art is definitely good medicine. Fighting for 2 yrs. With breast cancer, you're also fighting emotions and moods. Which means your emotions will pour out onto your canvas. And the Subject matter of expression will reveal itself.  So all this energy suddenly spills out my uncertainties of hope, faith, love and sadness, so what will my art look like? That was one rule I had, never
Ever make sad Art only happy, happy, Joy, joy that's the only way to go for healing and hope for all to see and I'm a survivor, I won. 
Some of my Art pieces is out of the box, meaning 3D, yes! Yes! Indeed. 
My Evolution of my creativity of techniques other mediums, such as oils, Inks, Resin, Fluid Art, Abstracts acrylics will sing to you of my unpredictable journey of self-discovery and victory.  
My paintings are what keeps me grounded and go with the flow. The movement of flow of Resin and paint with a touch of gold leaf will make you move and   feeling of joyful bliss, so enjoy the experiences with Good Energy of thoughts and spirit of happiness. Your famous Artist, me, when I became free. I suggest you become free also.  So I want you to surrender to the flow of paint and resin across my Foundation, and it will make you relax and calm. 
So please!!!  Let it flow!

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