A graduate from the prestigious Ecole Nationale de la Photographie, in Arles, Olivier Metzger has earned a lot of rewards and prizes including  “Le prix découverte des Rencontres Photographiques de Arles in 2009”.
Shortly after graduating, the Gallery Bertrand Grimont in Paris reaches out to him to sell his work. The movie director David Lynch seeing his work exhibited at Paris Photo is impressed by the hypnotic strangeness of his images and becomes a huge fan.
His photography has been exhibited all around the world from Moscow to Tokyo, from Prague to Bern, here at La foundation Hermès for which he collaborates regularly.
Many of his photographs have been published in France and internationally in renowned magazines and newspapers.
The photographs in this project in collaboration with Barton College were shot during Oliver Metzger Residency for Eyes on Main Street in October 2019

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