Eyes on Main Street is delighted to bring you the exhibit “The Definite Portrait Photographer”, a collection of images from roughly 1850 to the late 20thcentury, almost 150 years of portraits, family reunion, travel pictures and snapshots!
Photography has this unique power to keep the present –the very instant when the shutter records the scene- present forever so we can identify with couples or families that have died 100 years ago.
This is one of the goals of this exhibition, to show that the past can still be the future. The legacy of photography travels trough centuries.
The other goal of this exhibition –without any intention to showing off – is to educate the cell phone photographer to make better portraits or family snaps lasting a century as well. By paying attention to light, position, framing, background so to capture the defining moment, as shown here, can your images shine forever?
Can or will your own portraits travel 150 years in time and still look as decisive as the 250 images on display in front of you? This is your challenge.
Jérôme De Perlinghi
Artistic Director

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